Monday, 12 March 2012

Day 6: Sports Day & Lunch at Sonu Mdm's House

Today, we had a Sports event in Step By Step School. Parents of pupils and pupils who came to Singapore Chaoyang School in 2011 were present as well. We took part in 3 different events, the kick cricket, ball game, and soccer. After that, we had pizza and juice for snack time. Then, we were given medals for our enthusiastic participation. We had a good time and felt proud of ourselves.

Then, we left school for Sonu Mdm's house for lunch. We started with  delicious popcorn and lotus stem. Then, we had, rice, noodles, and soup. We were watching the movie Ra-one when the song Chamak Chalo played. Jasper and Ming Hui started to groove to the music~~

Then, we went shopping, had dinner at KFC, and went home!

Till we post again! =)

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  1. Nice dancing, Jasper! Hope the others had fun there too!