Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Day 2: Step By Step School & Akshardam

Today, school started with us learning about where India is in the world. Some of us learnt about first aid. 

Breakfast time!

Next was a special performance put up by students from Step By Step School, mainly for their parents to see. We saw different performances about the different states of India. We were greeted with colourful costumes and props! It was an eye opener for us!

After the special performance, we went for 3 different workshops, pottery pinching, pottery wheel activity, and art and craft activity. You can tell if we enjoyed ourselves from the pictures! ;P

Syafiq and Arnold doing pottery pinching

Atiqah trying out the pottery wheel
Murial at art and craft workshop

Then, we went to Akshardam with big, beautiful, spectacular hand-crafted buildings done by 7000 craftsmen! It was such a waste that photos could not be taken due to security reasons. We saw the journey and life of Lord Swaminarayan. We also went on a boat ride to see the history of India. On the way home, most of us fell asleep as we had a long but fulfiling day. Here are some sleeping pictures! HAHA!

Back at the house, Ms Ng took some photos of her room while the girls were asleep. Here are some sneakshots. 

 Alright! Goodnight everyone! Till we post again.

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