Thursday, 19 January 2012

Our First Preparatory Session!

This day was our first preparatory session. We stayed back after school on a Thursday. We were introduced to the brief details of our India trip. We looked at the globe and located where India and Singapore were! We found out that the 2 countries were very far apart and the flight would take a few hours! We also compared the size of Singapore and India.

Then, we counted the number of days left before we leave Singapore for India using the calendar that the teachers had prepared. There was 45 days left! Wow!

Looking at the globe for information, and Kah Hwee counting down using the calendar
We also checked for information about Step by Step School on the internet. We felt so excited upon seeing those pictures.Lastly, before we went home, we did a journal of what we had learnt or done during that day.

Parvisha doing her journal

All of us doing our journals
Signing off....and posting again soon!

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