Thursday, 26 January 2012

Preparatory Session 2!

Today, we started with looking at more information about New Delhi, India. We looked at how the streets looked like, and also looked at some pictures of the Holi festival.

Then, Ms Huzaima taught us about communication. We played a game where we took turns to ask our friends questions, according to what we have chosen from the bag. Examples of questions include, "What do you like to do during the weekends?", "Tell me about your family please?", "What is your favourite subject?" etc. A few photos are shown below:

Ms Huzaima explaining about the activity about communication

Amirah and Atiqah asking each other questions
Syafiq asking Murial, "What is your favourite subject?"

 This is a video of Ming Hui asking Jasmine what she likes to do during the weekends.

Next, Ms Ng showed us how a blog looks like. This blog will record our preparatory sessions, and experiences. It keep us connected to our parents, and friends from India! 
Lastly, we typed information about ourselves on the computer, which will be posted to the blog, so that our friends from India can get to know more about us.
That marks the end of our second preparatory session! 38 more days to departing for India! :)

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