Saturday, 11 February 2012

Our overnight stay in school and Trip to Little India

It was 10th of February, a Friday. We went to school as usual, except that it was a special day! We were feeling very excited about the overnight stay in school that night! We had been eagerly waiting for this day to come! Finally, the day has came.

Some of us had not stayed overnight outside of home before.We were feeling a little nervous, but we knew the teachers were there to help us. We knew that we were going to Little India. Most of us had not been to Little India before. It was a new experience for us. We took some photos and would like to share them with you. The photos may be enlarged for clearer view by clicking on them.
Waiting eagerly for our friends to reach school before our camp started
From left: Christel, Jasmine, Gim How
We cross the road safely to Yio Chu Kang MRT station

At Yio Chu Kang station: Christel, Ms Huzaima, Alger, Jasmine, Murial, Syafiq
Syafiq and Ms Ng on the train
From left: Ming Hui, Sooks (Volunteer), Cyndi
Syafiq ready to enjoy his bathura
From left: Gwen, Parvisha, Arnold, Mrs Rajesh, Alger
Syafiq, Murial, and Jasmine enjoying their dinner
From left: Gim How, Jasper, Mr Andy

Mdm Aslinah also joined us for the dinner!  From Left: Mdm Aslinah, Sooks, Ming Hui, Ms Huzaima, Kah Hwee, Athiqah, Amirah, Cyndi

Walking around Little India
We saw many shops, for example, handphone shop, flower shop, CD shop, necklace shop etc
A group picture before we left Little India

Gwen and Ms Muntash
We had nice sleeping bags given to us to sleep in for the night!
We slept in the OT room
We practised our tooth brushing skills learnt in Lifeskills lesson
Murial and Amirah waiting for their turns to take a shower

Gwen putting her skills learnt to practice
Jasmine doing her final check of her grooming
We talked about what we have experienced for the overnight stay and what we have seen during the outing to Little India

Breakfast Time!

In the blink of an eye, the overnight stay came to an end. We are now looking forward to the next preparatory session and finally the trip to New Delhi, India!


  1. You all looked like you had lots & lots of fun!!!...and so will....more fun enjoyable days coming your way.

  2. Hi Mrs Yousoff! Thanks for commenting! Yes we did have a lot of fun! :D

  3. I had a good outing to Little India with all the pupils and teachers.
    To all the pupils: It was nice to see all of you applying what you have learnt in the camp. Although some of you needed help during bathing and packing time, all of you were willing to learn and was resilient. Alger said to me "I must keep all my things in my own bag" during packing time. I believe that all of you will be more independent and I look forward to my trip to India with all of you!

  4. I also enjoyed myself during our trip to little India. Great company and great food! (11 Chaoyang Claps!)
    I particularly enjoyed my Masala Thosai. So much so that I brought my wife to Woodlands for a second round!

  5. Little India looked like a lot of fun. Wish I could have been there to enjoy it with you guys! Hope everyone has the best time in the "BIGGER" India.

  6. To ALL The "Little Darlings" of Chaoyang.Have a wonderful trip,make new friends and enjoy yourselves,be responsible,show respect and be resilient during your stay in New Delhi.Jasmine, Murial & Ming Hui,I will miss you.To all the "Adult Darlings" accompanying.....HAPPY MOTHERING & FATHERING