Thursday, 23 February 2012

Preparatory Sessions 4 and 5 - Souvenirs making and more Communication Skills Learning!

WOW! 11 more days to departing for India!!! Time flies!!!

The excitement is building up!!!!

For these 2 preparatory session, we started to make souvenirs to give to our friends in India. There were pictures of Singapore's iconic places and food, for example, The Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, chilli crab, and Satay. All of us wrote notes behind the pictures for our friends.
As we were writing the notes, we felt even more eager to go to India.

Here are a few pictures to share with you. Enjoy!
Jasper and Atiqah
Syafiq and Parvisha
Murial and Ming Hui

After the souvenirs making, Mr Andy talked to us about communicating with our friends. We had a role play activity following the script given by Mr Andy, where one student asks questions, and the other student answers.
Mr Andy talking about communicating with friends
Parvisha and Syafiq doing role play

 Lastly, we did a worksheet about the different greetings. "Namaste" was a new word that we learnt!

This is the end of preparatory sessions 4 and 5. Next week is our last preparatory session before we go to New Delhi! We can't wait!

Signing off.......

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  1. I would like to compliment Jasper for writing creatively on the bookmark. He even drew a Singapore flag on every bookmark that he wrote on! Well done Jasper!