Friday, 13 April 2012

Day 7 (Part 1): Back in School! Yeah!

After an exciting weekend, we set off for school with much enthusiasm! We had a very special lesson, Theatre in Education, which was a little like our Performing Arts lesson, was a very different experience as we had the lesson with our friends from Step-by-Step School! Some of the activities were very new to us and we found ourselves enjoying the lesson very much! The teachers enjoyed it as much as we did too!

Walk around with eye contact, WITHOUT sound

Walk around with eye contact AND hand shake, without sound

Walk around with eye contact, hand shake, and saying "hello"

Wriggling our toes as a cool down activity before more excitement~
There was also another activity where different actions were assigned to different numbers, e.g. 1 means touch the wall, 2 means laugh out loud, 3 means come into a circle etc. We learned to listen and follow the instructions.


Another activity allowed every one of us to have a chance to be a leader. When it was our turn, everyone had to follow the leader's dance moves to the music! Some of us were shy, but the teacher encouraged us and helped us along. :)
An activity where we took turns to be leader to show dance moves, and the rest followed
This is a video of this activity:


After that, we had a chance to partner with our friends from Step-by-Step School and share about ourselves. Here are some photos~

After school ended, we had our usual snack before heading back to the guest house, to get ready for a tea party!

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