Sunday, 15 April 2012

Goodbye India~~Back to Singapore~~

Today was the day we had to say goodbye to India. Much as we missed the place, we were glad that we could bring back many happy memories, that we can share with our friends and families. We took a few photos in the airport, aeroplane, as well as back in Singapore airport. Enjoy~

Amirah, Atiqah, and Jasmine on the buggy ride in the airport
Murial and Ms Ng on the buggy ride

Syafiq on the buggy ride
Parvisha, Pinky Mdm, Christel, And Arnold~

On the plane~~

All of us in our colourful kurtas in Changi Airport
So, this marks the end of our India Exchange Programme 2012. 

Thank you SPARKZ, Step-by-Step School, parents and staff for making all these so enriching for each and everyone of us. 

From the bottom of our heart............

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